They Are My Friends

This month we’ve focused on the power of relationships in our lives. We’re ending the month with a few quotes from our own E. Excellers, who are sharing their thoughts about the E. EXCEL relationships they’ve found within E. EXCEL. Our E. EXCEL family is a strength and inspiration to us, and we are touched by the love and dedication they show towards each other.

“Incentive trips and events like the annual conference are hugely valuable. When we attend these activities together, it creates more passion. These powerful, emotional experiences are even more meaningful when shared. They strengthen our resolve as a group. These feelings of fellowship and camaraderie are something I never had the chance to experience at my banking job. Now my work with E. EXCEL rewards me with rich opportunities like stimulating friendships, fun social activities, and the satisfaction that comes from helping others.”  Lucy Zhao

“I am surrounded by a group of ambitious, purposeful people who, like me, are achieving their dreams. They are my friends and family.” Choong Ng

“My E. EXCEL family is a refuge from the storm for me. When the world is busy and chaotic, I can always lean on my sweet E. EXCEL family. Being united is essential for us. When we help each other and work together, the power we create is unlimited.” Mei Qin Lin

“I like gathering together and sharing the benefits we’ve all discovered through E. EXCEL. When I was first starting out, I learned so much from others; they inspired me to improve and succeed.” Daisy Kang

“As our group grows, those relationships we are building now become the glue that holds the group together and keeps us focused on the goals we have set.” Lixian Huang

“I was welcomed into an amazing E. EXCEL family. Every morning I wake up and check my WeChat, and I’m greeted by E. Excellers’ beaming happiness. Every day I’m happy.” Tracy Lin

“A successful person is not successful because of the wealth he or she possesses, but because of the friends he or she makes in the process. I consider everyone in my group and E. EXCEL to be my friends.” Jian Hua Niu

“Friendship is based on trust and caring. Our Upline supports us and challenges us to continue to achieve. I’m just following in their footsteps, following my friends.” Guang Yu

“When someone achieves a new rank, it is an accomplishment that belongs to many people, not just the person receiving the award. Our team offers a great environment for success. We support and help each other every step of the way.”  Ning Peng

“My Uplines and my entire organization have helped me set goals and continue to grow as a person, as well as an E. EXCEL businesswoman. Being an E. Exceller allows me to work with people I enjoy.” Lily Shen

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