Tips for Teaching

When you’re sharing E. EXCEL with others, you’re actually doing exactly what Dr. Jau-Fei Chen envisioned when she started E. EXCEL three decades ago. She chose the network marketing business model because she wanted to be able to educate people about health and Nutritional Immunology, and she felt network marketing was the best way to do that. Our E. Excellers join with her in this mission every time they talk about E. EXCEL products and the E. EXCEL opportunity.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you share your E. EXCEL knowledge with others.

·      Use the information and tools that E. EXCEL has created to help you. You’ll find invaluable information about products and the opportunity in our Document Library and Multimedia Library. And in today’s world, videos are one of the most effective way to share information. You’ll find a variety of videos on our YouTube channel, and we frequently add new videos as well.

·      Make it personal. In addition to what E. EXCEL has provided, sharing your personal story is one of the best ways to reach out to people. They will resonate to your story and your experience. Share your story often; make it clear and concise.

·      Share with purpose and passion. When we’re talking about something that has changed our lives, we are normally passionate about it. Passion is a powerful part of educating, so including your enthusiasm for E. EXCEL is one of the best ways you can teach. However, make sure that your excitement for E. EXCEL doesn’t distract you from your purpose. Each time you share with others, have a clear purpose in mind—know what you’re trying to teach about.

·      Let your learners lead. Listen and watch the people you are sharing with. When people lost interest or become distracted, they naturally won’t remember or retain what you’re talking about. Watch their body language, ask lots of questions, and be sensitive to where they are, then adapt your teaching to their interest level.

·      Repeat, repeat, and repeat. Even the best of learners forget, so repetition is key to remembering. Restate the most important things you want people to remember in different ways throughout your presentation. Ask questions that will give the people you’re teaching the opportunity to repeat the basic ideas themselves. When possible, include visual components that reinforce your main ideas as well.

·      The most valuable part of teaching is participation. Whether you’re talking to someone for five minutes or an hour, provide lots of opportunity for discussion and feedback. Ask lots of questions. Invite others to share their experiences, so they feel like they’re an active part of what you’re teaching.

“E. EXCEL is an education company,” Dr. has said. “People’s lives are changed when they learn things, and I want to educate people about how to live healthy lives.” These tips can help us as we work to accomplish her mission. 

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