Transforming Information to Action


Once you’ve shared information with someone, it’s essential to motivate them to take that action and transform it into action. Education is most beneficial when it inspired change and growth. Keeping these few things in mind can ensure that the information you share with others about E. EXCEL will turn into action.


·      Share your information in clear, concise pieces that are easily understood.

·      Assess understanding. Make sure the person you’re sharing with understands the information completely by asking questions and sharing example.

·      Focus on benefits. As you share information, focus on the benefits of the action that you’ll be asking for. Talk specifically about how lives are changed. Use personal stories, fact, figures. Some of the areas that people are most interested in include health, financial, relationships, quality of life, flexibility, etc. E. EXCEL offers benefits in all those areas and more.


·      Provide resources for more information. Some people like to do additional study and research on their own, so make sure they know where to go if they want to learn more. Books, websites, and other E. Excellers are wonderful resources for people who want to do more learning.



·      Issue a call to action. Always end with a call to action. The call to action should be specific, do-able, and include a deadline.

·      Follow up. Following up is essential when you’re teaching others. Make a note to follow up with people within a couple of days while their interest is still high.

One of the most important elements of education is ensuring that an education makes a person’s life better. E. EXCEL is a wonderful opportunity that has made lives better for 30 years!


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