Changing Lives through Learning

Thirty years ago, when Dr. Jai-Fei Chen started E. EXCEL, her intent was to focus on educating people. “We are an education company,” she said back then. And she continues to emphasize that today. “People’s lives are changed when they learn things, and I want to educate people about how to live healthy lives,” she says.


That doesn’t mean you have to have a college degree to live the E. EXCEL lifestyle. On the contrary, Dr. Chen learned early that sharing the basic facts about Nutritional Immunology, E. EXCEL products, and living healthy was the most effective way to help others.

“We started with very few people, but we were very excited,” she remembers. “Our first meetings were held in Utah, but we also drove to California and Vancouver to speak to audiences of 10 or 20 people, but none of them would join.”

Dr. Chen knew the E. EXCEL message was powerful, so she took a careful look at what was happening during those meetings to try and determine why people weren’t interested. “I realized that I was speaking like a scientist,” she says. “I put everybody to sleep! I changed the way I talked about E. EXCEL so that people would understand Nutritional Immunology and the impact it could have on their lives.”

Three decades later, thousands of E. Excellers around North America are sharing the same message, and tens of thousands of people are living richer lives because of that. The focus for E. EXCEL is educating people about the fundamentals of good health, especially the four fundamental principles of Nutritional Immunology: eat right, sleep well, exercise regularly, and be positive.

In addition to educating people about Nutritional Immunology, our E. Excellers educate others about E. EXCEL products, plant-based whole-food products that contain the basic nutrients that our bodies need to be their healthiest.

“It starts with education,” Dr. Chen says. “One of the reasons I chose the network marketing platform is because it allows us to educate people about their health and help them feel better.

We make changes in our life when we learn and understand the difference those changes can make in our lives.”