An Irresistible Opportunity


When Dr. Jai-Fei Chen decided to dedicate her life to helping people live healthier lives, she made two important decisions. First, she chose to formulate and offer life-changing wholefood products. And second, she chose to offer those products through a network marketing company because she wanted as many people as possible to benefit from these products.

She chose wisely. In 2016, a record 20.5 million people were involved in direct selling in the United States alone, according to the Direct Selling Association—up 1.5 percent from 2015. Through the years, the number of people involved in network marketing companies has consistently increased because the benefits of creating your own network marketing company are powerful.

Since its inception, E. EXCEL has been completely committed to creating a tradition of offering one of the most attractive and rewarding network marketing opportunities in the industry. We do that first by ensuring that our products do what we say they do.


Every E. EXCEL product is based on Nutritional Immunology, the science that our body is our best doctor and when we provide our body with the nutrition it needs, we can live healthy, happy lives. Every product we offer is formulated to strengthen and assist various systems of the body by providing a wide variety of nutrients found in whole foods. E. EXCEL products are unparalleled in helping people live healthier lives.

Second, we create a tradition of an attractive opportunity by ensuring that E. EXCEL offers E. Excellers irresistible benefits. When individuals join the E. EXCEL family, they enjoy the following:

·      Leveraging Time and Effort: When you’re an employee, you work a certain number of hours a day to benefit your employer. You get paid for those hours, of course, but your work goes toward one thing—making sure your employer succeeds. Your success is severely limited by the number of hours you alone work and your productivity.  At E. EXCEL, your success—and the success of those you work with—is increased because you’re working together. You are benefitting from not only the time and effort you put forth, but also the time and effort those in your organization put forth. And they benefit too. Leveraging group time and effort is one of the biggest advantages of E. EXCEL.

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·      Own Your Own Business: When you own your own business, you are in charge. Your success is unlimited—and so is your freedom and flexibility. You determine what hours you work, where you work, with whom you work. You set your own goals and determine the path to achieve those goals. The potential for what you can achieve through E. EXCEL is exciting. You can make your dreams come true!

·      No Salary Cap—Speaking of potential, another advantage of E. EXCEL is that while the risk of creating your business is minimal, the potential for earning is vast—and completely in your control. There are no overhead costs, and the more people you have in your Downline, the bigger your paycheck. And because they’re not employees, you don’t have to offer benefits—other than your support, encouragement, and example!

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks,” said American businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki. “Everyone else looks for work.” E. EXCEL’s tradition of providing an outstanding opportunity for our E. Excellers means the E. EXCEL network is a time-tested, proven choice for anyone wanting to live a healthier, richer life!