Always Ready to Share E. EXCEL

The small moments in life when two or more people connect—really connect—with each other are what makes life fulfilling. These days, with the proliferation of cell phones and tablets, it seems that many people forget that it is individuals and our relationships with them that really matter. No one can live a fulfilling life in the cloud. We all need social interaction with other people.

E. EXCEL has always realized this important fact, resulting in the choice of network marketing to share our products. We are a person-to-person business. We depend on individual E. Excellers sharing our message and our products with other people on a personal level. Yes, cell phones, tablets, and computers are the tools we may use, but sharing rests primarily with the relationships developed between people that cannot be achieved strictly online. When you build personal relationships with others, face to face, heart to heart, you learn to care and to trust. And when you care about someone, you invariably want to take steps to support them and, in the case of E. EXCEL, particularly their health. And E. Excellers have much to offer in the way of health.

One key element in developing relationships is to really listen. If you hear an acquaintance lamenting digestive issues, it’s easy to offer a couple of packets of EverNew to see if that helps. Simply by doing so, you are cementing your relationship with that person. Is a mother at your PTA meeting complaining that her kids won’t eat vegetables? Put some packets of different flavors of Nutrifresh in her hand. Tell her each packet contain more than 20 different fruits and vegetables, and ask her to see if her kids like them. A simple moment like this can help break the ice, and develop into a friendship.

Always keep extra packets of E. EXCEL products with you, in a pocket, a coat, a bag, and you’re ready for these small moments that come up more often than you may think. With your ears open and your heart in the right place, start developing real, personal, relationships with those with whom you come in contact. E. Excellers should always be ready to share E. EXCEL.