Always Dedicated, Always Family

Throughout our past 30 years in business and into the next 30 years and beyond, E. EXCEL has always and will always have the same dedication to health, Nutritional Immunology, and the E. Excellers who share our vision of a disease-free world. Our focus has not changed since the beginning. It’s clearly presented in our mission statement:

“Our mission at E. EXCEL is to share the gift of health and the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology with the world. We are leading the way to better health through progressive research, quality manufacturing, innovative products made from whole plant foods, and an unsurpassed business opportunity.”

Our history demonstrates our adherence to these principles, and that will not change today or in the future. We have always made changes to reflect new technologies, new research, and a desire to improve opportunities for our E. EXCEL business partners. Businesses that remain static without changing anything do not stay in business for 30 years. The world quickly passes them by. Not E. EXCEL! We embrace change—without losing sight of our dedication to bringing better health to the world, the science of Nutritional Immunology, and the principles of constant research, high-quality manufacturing, wholesome wholefood products, and the excellent business opportunity we offer E. Excellers.

When you join E. EXCEL in our pursuit of knowledge and sharing the gift of health you join the E. EXCEL Family, a group of E. Excellers around the world who are dedicated to the same goals and ideals you are. This has always been the case. Business partners, corporate partners, staff members, and family members—we are all E. Excellers and always will be. Always E. EXCEL brings us together and elevates us with better health and a richer life.