Always Share the Small Moments

A 3-year-old girl runs up the sidewalk, arms stretched wide, and flings herself into the arms of her grandmother waiting at the door. A small moment in time that transforms both child and grandmother.

A business woman walking briskly to work notices a letter drop from a pile of mail a young man is carrying. He doesn’t notice the loss. She stops to retrieve the letter and runs to catch up and return it to the surprised fellow. Another small moment in time between two strangers that brings them together for an instant.

A woman reads and records a new book by her father’s favorite author. Her blind and ailing father two states away enjoys both the book and the sound of his daughter’s voice. A small moment that brings far-away family closer together.

Life is made up of these small moments, these small opportunities to unite people. These moments enrich lives in ways both profound and simple. At E. EXCEL, we encourage people to not only observe these moments but participate more fully in them. Find ways to bring E. EXCEL into these moments and into the lives of others. Put an extra packet of Nutrifresh into your child’s lunch box to be shared with a friend or a less fortunate child, and create a small moment between two kids. Give a carton of Millennium to a neighbor who’s feeling ill, for a small moment of compassion shared.

You’ll be amazed at how small moments like these, over the course of a lifetime, can build an incredibly rich, personally successful life—one full of care, kindness, and service to others. Always make moments for E. EXCEL in your life and the lives of others. Over the 30 years that E. EXCEL has been in business, through today and into the next 30 years, small moments—and small packets—have been and always will be shared to help unite people. Always include E. EXCEL in these small moments, and everyone you touch has a chance at better health and a richer life—including yourself!

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