Highlights from Our Recent BC Meet-up


What makes an E. EXCEL get-together so special? The people!

Jennifer Kwan and Cherie Beal visited the E. EXCEL Distributor Center in Vancouver, BC for a Halloween party as well as Distributor training last weekend that was full of learning, laughs, and lots of good times. We couldn’t be more proud of the Distributors who came together to make this get-together such a smashing success. They were so organized and energized, people arrived a half hour before the event even began!

Not only did we enjoy lucky draws and the training you might expect at a typical E. EXCEL meeting, but we also experienced a full costume party and buffet dinner. During the evening, our next incentive contest was announced—2019 Make Waves. Jennifer and Cherie did a wonderful job explaining what each Distributor needs to do to win a spot on the cruise, and our Distributors were absolutely amazed. They kept commenting that the rules were simple, and that this would be the most achievable incentive trip in E. EXCEL history!

After discussing the incentive trip’s requirements, the most exciting thing happened. Around 15 Distributors got together and signed up as 2019 Make Waves VIPs! They decided that since the requirements are simple and the goals are achievable, they could sign up together and help each other win. VIPs in our incentive contest get several benefits, including private services and better PQV and PGQV requirements every month of the contest. Read how you can sign up as a VIP now!

We’re excited for so many Distributors to show up to our meet-ups and become so energized about their goals with E. EXCEL. We encourage everyone who has the chance to visit us next time we’re in the area to see what makes E. EXCEL meetings so good!

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