3 Reasons to Sign Up as a 2019 Make Waves VIP


Fun fact of the day: almost all of our winners of EuroTour 2018 were signed up as VIPs! So how did they do it? E. EXCEL VIPs know what it takes to win incentive trips—and we want you to be next. Signing up as a VIP doesn’t guarantee you a spot on our 2019 Make Waves cruise, but we promise that it will make it easier for you to win.

VIPs receive:

  • Reduced monthly requirements during the contest months:

  • PQV of 150 every contest month instead of 200 PQV for non-VIP

  • Once a Master, maintain minimum of 2,200 PGQV each month of the contest instead of 2,400 PGQV for non-VIP

And if you win a Contest Prize as a VIP, you’ll also get a $100 E. EXCEL product certificate (no CV value), as well as $50 USD spending money when you arrive at the contest destination! But of course, that’s not all you’ll get as a VIP. Here are 3 other reasons why you need to sign up today:

Reason 1: You’re ready to win

As we said before, almost every person who won a trip to Spain was registered as a VIP during the contest period. E. EXCEL Distributors who want to go far know that commitment is one of the most important things in the business, and that commitment starts now! The moment you sign up as a VIP, you’ll have lower monthly PQV and PGQV requirements to qualify for the trip. But just as importantly, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits, including a VIP-only chat, personalized services, and other perks to help you win!

Reason 2: You want to bring your friends

Isn’t every vacation better when you’re surrounded by smiling faces you know? Then bring them with you on 2019 Make Waves! We’ve seen groups in Vancouver and Toronto sign up together, and commit to each other that they’ll achieve their goals together. As part of E. EXCEL’s desire to create stronger, healthier communities, we love seeing what people can accomplish when they share a common goal. No matter if your friends are existing E. EXCEL Distributors, ones who you haven’t seen in a while, or brand new to the family, we want to see you all on The Allure of the Seas with us next August!

Reason 3: You deserve the VIP experience

2019 Make Waves was designed from the ground up to be the simplest, most achievable incentive contest in E. EXCEL history! That’s because we want our Distributors to achieve their dreams, build their business, and be rewarded for their hard work—and that goes double for VIPs. We want to help each Distributor commit to their success, then go forward to take the steps necessary to win. During the next several contest months, we’ll be adding more benefits to help our VIPs meet their goals and Make Waves to the finish line! If you’ve waited this long without signing up as a VIP, do yourself a favor. Make the commitment to win this trip by starting out strong as an E. EXCEL VIP.

Download this form and fax, email, or call to become a VIP today. The VIP registration fee is $100 USD, and is non-refundable. Don’t wait any longer—existing Distributors only have until November 30 to register and receive VIP benefits!

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