Wishing You Prosperity! 


A traditional Chinese wish for the beginning of a new year, E. EXCEL wishes you prosperity in the coming Chinese New Year. A new year anticipates a new start, a new chance for success, health, and happiness, and all of this is what E. EXCEL offers you in the coming year!

  • Success

Many E. Excellers have found great success with their E. EXCEL businesses. They have helped others achieve success and prosperity as well. With persistence and determination, your E. EXCEL business can bring you success also. If you haven’t fully explored making E. EXCEL your business yet, take that opportunity in the coming year. Learn from your Uplines. Share courageously with others. Learn the Compensation Plan and how to maximize your business as you develop your Downlines. Choose your partners wisely and place them in your organization to make the most for your benefit and theirs. As their Upline, you lift them with you as you succeed. Helping others has always been a huge part of E. EXCEL! Success was never handed to anyone, but it has always been worth working hard for, and with E. EXCEL you have many partners to help you succeed and prosper.

  • Health

E. EXCEL’s mission has always been about health. Based on the science of Nutritional Immunology, our products have stood the test of time in quality, cost-efficiency, and effectiveness. We adhere to the principles of only using whole plant foods in our products, no stimulants, no artificial ingredients. We share the gift of health and the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology with the world. As our founder, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen, has said many times, eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables every day is the best way to provide the antioxidants, polysaccharides, and phytochemicals the body needs to maintain health. What E. EXCEL provides is the convenience of packaging all those fruits and vegetables in packets and capsules that can be easily taken daily without the extensive food preparation time. And, after 30 years in business, we have three generations of E. Excellers experiencing the good health Nutritional Immunology provides.

  • Happiness

If you have success and health, happiness usually comes along as well! Particularly when your success has come through a business that also provides opportunities to help others, time freedom, amazing travel contests, strong friendships, and the ability to support your family without leaving them for 8 hours a day—or more!—working for someone else!


In this coming Lunar New Year, visualize where your life could be when you really take charge of your E. EXCEL business and work toward your successful, healthy, happy future! Prosperity and happiness will surely be yours if you set your goals and act to build your business. E. EXCEL is with you all the way with incredible products, helpful support, and a thriving community of E. Excellers cheering you on! Always E. EXCEL!