Go for the Gold!


Right now, athletes from all over the world are in South Korea competing for gold, silver, and bronze medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics. They are at the peak of their abilities, and have been training hard for months and years to aspire to this pinnacle in their particular sport. As with all activities, these athletes did not wake up one morning and decide it would be nice to compete for the gold medal in downhill, or hockey, or luge. Instead, they set goals for themselves and worked and trained to achieve those goals. Then they set a higher goal and continued working to reach that goal, until they refined their own talents to their highest point, and won a spot on an Olympic team.

Ordinary life is no different. We must set goals for ourselves, and then take the actions necessary to attain those goals. Setting a goal is not the same as having a dream. A goal is a way of challenging yourself to meet your own expectations. Expect more of yourself, and reach that goal you set. Then set another goal, another challenge for yourself. Only by repeatedly challenging ourselves to reach higher, achieve more, keep going, do we grow as individuals.

E. EXCEL provides a more meaningful path, if you challenge yourself, a path that can lead to prosperity, happiness, and dreams turned into reality. It requires the ability to set goals, meet challenges, help others, and keep going! And with E. EXCEL, you don’t have to do it alone! You have a team of fellow E. Excellers working with you to help and encourage you with your goals. We’ll be there to celebrate when you achieve your goals, and to support you when you struggle—always!

If you watch the Winter Olympics this week, watch those thrilled gold medal winners as they accept their accolades. Remember the years of work, the goals, the actions, the efforts that went into that moment, and remember the cheering team that stands behind those winners celebrating with them! Your E. EXCEL family is that team cheering for you as you go for the gold! Only your gold is not just a medal, but a lifetime of health, happiness, prosperity, and living your dreams! Go for the gold—always!