Sweep Away Uncertainty

Chinese New Year is fast approaching! Only a couple of weeks away. Many families traditionally clean their homes thoroughly at this time. Cleaning symbolizes sweeping away any ill-fortune and making way for incoming good luck as they prepare for an amazing celebration that can last up to 15 days! It’s a happy time of year, a time of generosity, of forgiveness, and of family. For E. Excellers, perhaps this time of year can also be used for self-reflection, to sweep away those lingering uncertainties, the fears of change, and the reticence to approach people with the gift of health and the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology.

Perhaps it is time to rededicate yourself to the goals of E. EXCEL in general, and your own personal goals as well. E. EXCEL was founded to share a very special gift with the world—the gift of health. We also share the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology, which fosters the gift of health. These are amazing gifts to give anyone, and you are amazing for wanting to share these gifts with others. Yes, some will turn down the gift because they don’t feel the need at this time, or they are skeptical of the results, or they just don’t have the time right now. That’s no reflection on you or the gifts you offer them. Keep in touch with them, and realize that many will eventually understand the need and return to receive the gifts. Welcome them with open arms!

Take this special time of year to examine your thoughts and decide if you are dedicated to sharing these gifts with others. If you are, sweep away the negative thoughts that insist you can’t do it. If you are, focus on positive thoughts that give you the power to overcome obstacles. If you are, let your goals and dreams lead you along the E. EXCEL path towards achieving them. Others have done it before you; follow them with courage and determination, and you can succeed.

Plan to succeed today, then follow your plan. You can reach success with E. EXCEL, and you’ll be able to enjoy many thrilling, prosperous, healthy and happy Chinese New Years in the future! Always E. EXCEL is with you. Always E. EXCEL provides the gifts you share with others. Always E. EXCEL for health and happiness!