Always Elemente

Approximately every 25-40 days, depending on your age, the deepest layers of your skin produce new skin cells. These new cells migrate to the top of your skin, and the older, dead skin cells are sloughed off, leaving new healthy skin cells until the cycle repeats itself. The younger you are, the faster the cycle, and the more soft and luminous your skin looks. The older you are, the slower the cycle, and the less likely your skin is to look as youthful as it used to. The important thing to remember is that your skin is always renewing itself!

Many things help determine the beauty of your skin—age is but one of them! Genetics, estrogen levels, and pollution may all play a role. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and helps eliminate toxins through sweat. If you always nourish your liver and kidneys, assisting them in filtering out toxins, and get adequate fiber to help eliminate those toxins, your skin doesn’t need to work as hard to help release toxins.  


Another important aspect to keep your skin looking its best is to always moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Your skin has a natural moisture barrier that keeps moisture in, and a lipid layer that helps to seal in that moisture. However, dry weather, heating and air conditioning, and even taking a shower can strip away the lipid layer and leave the moisture barrier open, allowing moisture to escape. When this happens, the skin begins to dry out and look scaly and cracked. Restoring the lipid layer and the integrity of the moisture barrier is vital, and you can do it every day with help from a variety of Elemente® moisturizers!  

E. EXCEL’s Elemente skin care products contain botanicals that support healthy, nourished skin with natural moisturizers. Cactus and cactus fruit, rose, grape seed extract, ginseng, and seaweed all help support the skin and its natural moisture barrier, while restoring moisture that may have been lost. Choose the moisturizer that works best for your skin type, and always make sure your skin is healthy, smooth, and ready to protect your body from intruders—all while looking healthy and glowing. Always Elemente can keep your skin renewing itself at a healthy pace!