Always Family

From the moment you're first introduced to our product, you become a member of the E. EXCEL family. Whether you share E. EXCEL products as a distributor or simply enjoy them as a consumer, you're part of a special group that supports, encourages, and appreciates each other as we work together towards the common goal of better health and a richer life. 

As E. EXCEL's Family Days approach, we're also turning our focus to our own families; how they inspire and uplift us toward accomplishing our goals. One of the greatest advantages E. EXCEL has to offer is the option to inherit and pass along successful, established businesses to family members.

Natalie Brown Belnap, daughter of E. EXCEL Ambassadors Joel and Ileen Brown, was able to experience first-hand how E. EXCEL not only blessed her family, but became a cherished tradition passed down from generation to generation. Here's what Natalie had to say about how E. EXCEL strengthened her family: 

"E. EXCEL is the opportunity for great health. My brother and I got involved in everything. Through E. EXCEL, we experienced wonderful people and incredible places. E. EXCEL seems to naturally attract genuinely good people. We've met so many of them all over the world, and we love them all. It really is like a great big E. EXCEL family."

Natalie grew up watching her parents enjoy the health and financial benefits of E. EXCEL. She has now inherited their E. EXCEL business and is developing her own as a second-generation E. Exceller. Even her own children are taking part in the E. EXCEL family as third-generation E. Excellers!

"I'm planning on staying with E. EXCEL for life. Growing up with it made it a natural part of my life, and my family always starts the day with our E. EXCEL products. Even my six-year-old twins take their 'herbs' every morning without fail!"

As you enjoy these family days, hold onto the precious memories you create with your families. Cherish every moment you get to spend with your family, your friends, and every member of the E. EXCEL family. Being a member of E. EXCEL means never having to be alone. When you're part of E. EXCEL, you are always family.