Always Mother's Day


Although Mother's Day only happens once a year, we believe mothers should be honored all year long. At E. EXCEL, it's always Mother's Day. Here are some ways you can show appreciation to your mother and give her the very best gift of all - excellent health!

Mothers Deserve Pampering

Motherhood can be the toughest job there is. It is also the greatest calling. Mothers provide us with constant care, nurturing, and understanding. They help us grow into the greatest people we can be. Therefore, they deserve a break! Here are the best products you can use to shower your mother with the ultimate pampering she deserves:

Youth Rejuvenator Facial Moisturizer - Would your mother like to turn back the hands of time? This luxurious cream locks in moisture and deeply nourishes the skin to combat free radical damage and give skin a more youthful appearance. 

Essential Line-Defying Facial Cream - This product helps reduce signs of aging and gives the skin an incredibly soft and youthful feel. This cream is guaranteed to pamper your mom, giving her the ultimate spa experience in one delightful face cream.

Rose Essence Phytolift Intensive Face Cream - Ideal for night-wear! This face cream replenishes your skin while you sleep with advanced skin cell hydration. It helps mother maintain smooth, refreshed skin.

Cactus Essence Aqua Gel Facial Moisturizer - Ideal for day-wear! This exceptional moisturizer delivers all-day hydration to lock in nutrients for a lovely complexion. Mom will LOVE how smooth and soft her face will stay all day with this essential moisturizer. 

Mothers Deserve the Best Health

In addition to indulging in the best and most luxurious skin care products, mothers deserve the best health benefits nature has to offer. In addition to supplying healthy, whole food products which support every body system, E. EXCEL has ideal supplements just for mom to help her feel her best:

Dong Quai - This natural herb helps improve the circulatory system of women. It also contains nutrients which help balance and nourish the female reproductive system.

Pearl - Genuine pearl powder helps support beautiful skin and also provides health benefits to the female reproductive system.

V-Estro - If your mother is approaching the challenges of midlife, this supplement is ideal for her. V-Estro contains phytoestrogens and antioxidants from wholesome plant sources to help fight free radical damage and balance estrogen levels.

Mothers hold the highest esteem in the eyes of E. EXCEL. We are proud of their hard work, love, and devotion and wish to give them the very best of health for many years to come.