Always Discovering

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One of the most exciting things about being a part of E. EXCEL is we are always pushing the boundaries of discovery. Thanks to the revolutionary science of Nutritional Immunology refined by our founder Dr. Jau-Fei Chen, the possibilities for better health and a richer life burst wide open. By focusing on a strengthened immune system, Dr. Chen soon discovered that physical illnesses could be fought off long before they even occur. And now, everyone can experience the tremendous benefits of a healthier lifestyle. 

These scientific breakthroughs are what keeps E. EXCEL on the cutting edge of improved health, providing energy and a better way of life for everyone around the world. E. EXCEL is not only discovering new natural, whole food products to support health, but our research expands to improving skin and hair with our Elemente® line. 

With an incredible discovery known as Squalane, E. EXCEL introduces a new Elemente product to support the health and beauty of the body's largest organ—your skin.

What Is Squalane?

There is a special oil found in your skin since birth, known as squalene. It acts as a natural moisturizer, but it decreases as you age, starting from as young as 25 years old. Squalene previously could only be harvested from shark livers. However, thanks to breakthrough scientific discovery, the hydrocarbon produced by the hydrogenation of squalene (known as squalane) was found within plant resources, such as rice, sugarcane and olive oil. 

This safe, highly-stable, plant-based squalane oil was combined with rose hip oil, which is high in antioxidants. And before we knew it, E. EXCEL developed the ultimate breakthrough in deep hydrating and moisturizing - Elemente's Intensive Moisturizing Oil!

Elemente's New Intensive Moisturizing Oil

This incredible product provides powerful hydration that penetrates the skin's deepest layers, making lines less visible, and fully moisturizing your skin without leaving it feeling oily. To take advantage of this product, you simply add a few drops to your current lotions or creams before applying to the skin. The best part is you can use this moisturizing oil for both skin and hair! For hair care, you simply rub a small amount of the Intensive Moisturizing Oil into your palm and apply to damp, clean hair ends. This will give your hair more nourishment and improve its texture.

Always Discovering

The marvelous thing about Nutritional Immunology is that it thrives on discovery. The science of improved health doesn't end with what you put in your body; it also focuses on what you apply to your skin and hair to provide the best care. This all-encompassing focus gives your body the best nutrients for the best health from the inside out, and E. EXCEL is thrilled to provide new, high-quality products derived from the latest scientific discoveries.