Always on the Go

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Let's face it - with our busy lives, we are always on the go. It only makes sense that our bodies would require quick and convenient nourishment. Unfortunately, the healthiest options don't really come in fast food forms - you can't exactly find over 20 servings of fruits and vegetables on the McDonald's menu.

So, what's the solution for the E. EXCEL traveler who doesn't have time to prepare healthy meals? Fortunately, we have the answer your body needs to maintain optimum health! Many of our outstanding E. EXCEL products come in individual packets, so you can carry nutrition with you wherever you go. As you travel from day to day, from exciting E. EXCEL conferences to thrilling yearly trips to exotic destinations, you never have to neglect your daily health ever again. 

Here's a list of our top 5 choices for the best products to always carry with you when you're on the go:

Always Carry 1-Shape

1-Shape™ and 1-Shape™ Lite are the perfect products to always take with you throughout your day. The benefit to 1-Shape™ is it's formulated with wholesome soy, American ginseng, psyllium husk and a variety of fruits and vegetables to promote a healthy, balanced diet. Taking 1-Shape™ a half hour before regular meals can help you feel fuller, thus curbing the temptation to overeat.

Always Carry Vegecolor® 

Here are the 25 fruits and vegetables you've been looking for - all in one pack! Vegecolor® provides a wide variety of nutritious phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides to give you needed servings of fruits and vegetables. This convenient pack can be taken with water or even sprinkled on food to give your body a major boost of nutrition.

Always Carry Nutricardia®

Looking for antioxidants on the go? Nutricardia® is the product for you! Not only does it support your circulatory system, but it's absolutely delicious! The tasty blend of hawthorn berry, blueberry, and other nourishing plant foods can give your heart and liver a healthy option. You can eat a pack dry (many compare the taste to a healthy Pixy Stick™!) or you can opt for a smoothie sensation by mixing it with 1-Shape™ and water.

Always Carry Refresh

When you're constantly traveling or just going through your busy days, your kidneys deserve the best of care. Unfortunately, they can get neglected through a poor diet or not drinking enough fluids. That's why having Refresh™ on-hand is absolutely essential. With the rich cleansing nutrients of barley, mushrooms, and asparagus, Refresh is an excellent product to take on the go.

Always Carry Nutrifresh®

Not only will you get healthy servings of fruits and vegetables, but Nutrifresh® will also give you needed servings of protein. That's because Nutrifresh® is made from soy, and also contains phytochemicals and antioxidants. This product is perfect for those on the go, because it comes in a variety of delicious flavors to choose from - original, chocolate, strawberry, mixed fruit, and Nutrifresh®-D.

With E. EXCEL, you always have the potential to travel on incredible adventures. We want to make sure you stay in the very best of health as you go, on the go, wherever you go!