On a Mission Supporting Health

Red.org is on a mission, a mission to save lives. Did you know that AIDS is the leading cause of death among women worldwide? Every two minutes a teenager somewhere in the world is infected with HIV, but it is preventable. Four hundred babies a day are born with HIV. However, AIDS no longer has to be a death sentence. One 20-cent pill a day can stop mothers from passing the virus to their babies. This is the mission of red.org.

Supporting global grants that have already impacted nearly 110 million people with prevention, treatment, counseling, HIV testing, and care services is what red.org does. And they do it through products and services that people want. They have partnered with companies like Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Apple, among others, who create specific products and donate 100% of the sales from those products to red.org.

Red.org has generated over $500 million dollars for the AIDS fight through their partners and supporters. Red partners provide products and experiences that work to end AIDS. When you purchase a red product, you join that fight. 100% of all the money contributed by Red partners goes directly to a global fund that supports HIV/AIDS programs, saving the lives of millions of people around the world.

Apple alone has raised $160 million dollars through the sale of their (RED) products, and E. EXCEL is proud to help support this amazing cause by purchasing an iPhone 8 (RED) for anyone who meets the requirements of our Wild and Crazy Summer Contest. When you win one of these incredible phones this summer, you are ultimately helping in the fight against HIV/AIDS! What could be more satisfying for those dedicated to the belief in a disease-free world?

Help yourself, help a mother with HIV/AIDS, and help a child grow up without this awful disease when you earn 140 points this summer—enough to earn one of these phones dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS from the world. Learn more at www.eexcel.net/gocrazy.