June is for Families

E. EXCEL is holding three Family Days in Vancouver, Toronto, and New York--all happening in June! Those of us who are privileged to travel to these Family Days are looking forward to them with great enthusiasm. It's always great to be out among our E. EXCEL Family and to see the exciting times we have together.


This month we have some special activities planned for all of you! You'll be invited to come and be filmed for future videos about E. EXCEL, so be prepared to tell us about yourself and E. EXCEL, and what Always E. EXCEL means to you! We're looking forward to hearing from you! We hope you'll drop by and give us a little of your time.

If you haven't heard about the Family Day being held in your area, please contact your Upline for information and tickets. We welcome everyone in the E. EXCEL Family to these amazing days spent together in fun, food, and prizes for the whole family--kids from 1 to 100! Our culture of better health and a richer life applies to all, so we hope you will join us for the E. EXCEL Family Day in your area! We hope to see you there!