Crazy Matching Bonuses

The second half of E. EXCEL’s Wild and Crazy Summer Contest involves Crazy Matching Bonuses! Crazy Matching Bonuses only apply to the first time you achieve a new Performance Bonus higher than any you have already achieved, and only during the contest period. If you skip a Performance Bonus category, e.g., you go directly from the Gold Performance Bonus to the Gold/Pearl Performance Bonus, you will receive the Matching Bonus for both the Double Gold and Gold/Pearl Performance Bonuses.

When we say matching, we mean E. EXCEL will match—in cash!—the portion of your Performance Bonus related to the new bonus you just received. If you haven’t received a Performance Bonus before, and reach the Gold Performance Bonus, whatever that bonus amounts to, E. EXCEL will match it dollar for dollar! If you reach a new Performance Bonus beyond that for the first time ever E. EXCEL will match the new portion of your Performance Bonus dollar for dollar! See the chart below to clarify.


There’s still time to reach for a new Performance Bonus before the Wild and Crazy Summer Contest ends in August and the Crazy Matching Bonuses stop! As you strive to reach a new Performance Bonus, remember that these bonuses were initiated this year to help you grow your business and develop strong legs as you build! You can check out more information on the Performance Bonuses on our website.

E. EXCEL’s Wild and Crazy Summer Contest runs through the end of August!