Always Wild This Summer

Have you received your 2018 commemorative E. EXCEL mugs through the Wild and Crazy Summer Contest yet? It’s the easiest prize to win, and we’d love to be able to give a set away to every E. Exceller in North America! It only takes 15 points to win the mugs, and when you win this prize, you can still go on to claim another wild prize! That in and of itself is wild!


Earn points as follows:

  • 3 Points for 250 personally purchased CV in your account in any one contest month
  • 12 points as the Referring Sponsor of a new COE member with an Excelerator Pack
  • 20 points as the Referring Sponsor of a new COE member with a IK Pack

Sponsor one person with an Excelerator Pack in the four months of the contest and purchase a minimum of 250 in CV in one contest month, and the mugs are yours—plus you get to go on and claim another prize as well! We’ve got some wild prizes for you in this contest, including the Apple iPhone (RED) that helps support funding for global HIV/AIDS projects, a $350 Elementegift certificate to purchase your favorite Elementeproducts, and a jar of Rose Pearl Essence, an Elementemoisturizing product not available in North America!

Don’t let the summer get away from you! Make sure you win the prize you want in E. EXCEL’s Wild and Crazy Summer Contest! You still have 7 weeks to earn the points you need for some incredible prizes. Just remember, summer is always the right time to go WILD!