Highlights from Our Always E. EXCEL 2018 Conference!


On Saturday, August 11, E. Excellers from across North America gathered together to mingle, learn, and celebrate at the Toronto Centre for the Arts at our Always E. EXCEL 2018 Conference! 

Over 600 people came to see Dr. Jau-Fei Chen and her daughter, Dr. EE Zhang as they discussed the science of Nutritional Immunology, the implications of a healthy diet, and common misdiagnoses from the medical community. In their exclusive chat, we discovered why it's more important than ever to take care of the body and enrich the best doctor of all—the immune system. At the end of their talk, the doctors took questions from several Distributors!

Also at the event was a special recognition ceremony to highlight E. EXCEL's rising stars! We welcomed to the stage and applauded individuals who have reached the status of Jade Master, Diamond Master, and Jade Ambassador. 

Another special moment came when we had the opportunity to learn directly from a few of E. EXCEL's top Distributors. This live roundtable featured relevant topics such as how to nurture your downline, believing in yourself, and overcoming adversity on the path to your dreams. Because of their expertise, the audience Q&A with this distinguished panel will be remembered by all in attendance for years to come. 

Last but not least was the announcement of several new E. EXCEL products! We can't wait for every E. Exceller in North America to try our latest products to help strengthen their immune system and enjoy the benefits of a richer life through Nutritional Immunology!