Say Hello to E. EXCEL's Newest Beverage: toCARESS!


“Healthy skin starts from within!”

With six fruits to help fight the everyday attacks of oxidative stress, toCARESS is E. EXCEL’s newest (and most delicious) daily beverage! Dr. Jau-Fei Chen created toCARESS from Chinese wolfberry, cactus fruit, blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, and raspberry to support a radiant appearance, because nutrition is a critical component in maintaining healthy skin.

Every E. EXCEL product has been formulated using plant-based ingredients that support the Nutritional Immunology approach to whole-body wellness. That means that instead of ingesting hard-to-pronounce synthetic ingredients, you're able to get your nutrition in the way that mother nature intended. 

Each active ingredient in toCARESS provides skin-specific benefits to help keep you looking your best. And last but not least, toCARESS is absolutely delicious! Any berry lover will instantly love the subtly sweet flavor of these fruits, combined in a way that’s both surprising and refreshing. Whether you enjoy toCARESS in the morning with breakfast, alongside a healthy lunch, or in the evening as you relax after the workday, toCARESS will provide you with the nutrients your skin craves. 

If you’re interested in maintaining youthful, healthy skin from within, look no further than toCARESS. If you have family or friends who you know will love the benefits of toCARESS, be sure to share this article, and a carton of toCARESS with them!