Confidence is Contagious


Our 2018 Always E. EXCEL Conference in Toronto, Canada was truly an inspiring event! We spoke with many E. Excellers afterward and they all agree: one of the top highlights of the conference was the great confidence inspired by our distributor panel.

Our conference showcased a panel of E. EXCEL distributors from all walks of life, from just starting out to experienced ambassadors. While we learned tremendous lessons from all of our panelists, one theme rang loud and clear throughout the panel: a great key to success with E. EXCEL is confidence.

Panelist Natalie Brown spoke about how this confidence in E. EXCEL forever changed her life and the lives of her family: “My dad came home one day with this great opportunity – E. EXCEL. He said, ‘I want all of our family to do this.’ So, we started to eat the products, we started to learn about the products and they became part of our life. Then, we started sharing them with other people… that’s the greatest thing about it. It continues.” A contagious confidence starts with just one person. In this case, it was Joel Brown. He caught the tremendous vision of better health through E. EXCEL and he shared it with his family. This, in turn, inspired confidence in his daughter, Natalie, who shares her confidence in E. EXCEL with the rest of the world and it continues on to this day.

Remember when you share E. EXCEL's message, you're sharing an opportunity to change lives for the better. This is a joyful message of health and financial freedom, so go out and share it with confidence! When you share E. EXCEL's products with others, confidence is not only critical; it is contagious. Confidence spreads like wildfire from person to person until the whole world is lit up in the glow of better health and a richer life. And before you know it, you'll soon realize as Natalie and our other amazing E. EXCEL distributors have, that you were the cause for great change.

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