Introducing E. EXCEL’s Spirit of Excellence Seal of Quality


We’re proud to take our commitment to quality to the next level by introducing the Spirit of Excellence Seal of Quality. Each product that bears this seal guarantees that it has been made according to five guiding principles, ensuring its potency and authenticity.

We provide uncompromising quality on every E. EXCEL product sold. We know that E. Excellers demand only the best—the best formulations, the best ingredients, and the best manufacturing available. We’re proud that we’re still able to uphold these impossibly high standards to keep our Distributors and customers satisfied.

From Research & Development until it reaches your family, every E. EXCEL product is:


Each E. EXCEL product starts with Dr. Jau-Fei Chen and her groundbreaking research on Nutritional Immunology. According to the latest research and her own expertise, Dr. Chen formulates each combination of hard-to-find and wholesome foods that will benefit E. Excellers and their families.

Purposely Formulated

Dr. Chen spends countless hours to formulate the ideal blend of signature whole-food ingredients that nourish the immune system. Each ingredient and ratio is an ultraprecise quantum chosen to create perfect combinations. Because Dr. Chen’s research includes several rare foods such as cactus and Cordyceps mycelium, E. Excellers enjoy ready access to wholesome foods that are both nutritious and convenient.

Optimally Cultivated

We only partner with farms and growers who share our same high standards. The wisdom of Nutritional Immunology allows us to carefully select the right plant, then the right species, and finally the right part of the plant for maximum potency. Harvesting plants at their peak preserves their phytochemical constituents, vital to creating products with optimal nutritional value.

Meticulously Manufactured

Our manufacturing standards never waver—because E. Excellers deserve the best. From our patented method of harvesting and filtering cactus to our ground-breaking packaging, each E. EXCEL product must pass our rigorous testing and manufacturing process. Finally, each E. EXCEL manufacturing facility strictly meets or exceeds current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Ingeniously Convenient

Dr. Chen’s vision is to combine Nutritional Immunology with convenience! Whether in liquid, capsule, or powdered form, you can trust that we provide you with superior products that are both portable and nutritious. Since we include rare and unique ingredients that you won’t find in your local supermarket, you’ll enjoy the convenience of E. EXCEL products more than ever.

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