The Meaning Behind E. EXCEL Is...

You may have noticed our theme for 2019, E. EXCEL Is!

But what does that mean? For us, it means a lot of things, and we want to highlight a different aspect of the company’s culture every month this year. This lets us talk about all the things that make E. EXCEL so special, all year long.

During 2019, we invite all E. Excellers to ponder what E. EXCEL means to them. E. EXCEL is more than just a company, more than our products, and more than an opportunity. Being part of E. EXCEL is a life-changing experience. Read today's blog to see what E. EXCEL is to all of us, and discover how we'll be celebrating a different aspect each month this year.

Here are the individual themes that we’ll be celebrating in 2019:

  • January: E. EXCEL is Celebration

  • February: E. EXCEL is Love

  • March: E. EXCEL is Healthy Lifestyle

  • April: E. EXCEL is Growth

  • May: E. EXCEL is Forever Young

  • June: E. EXCEL is Family

  • July: E. EXCEL is Opportunity

  • August: E. EXCEL is Travel

  • September: E. EXCEL is Education

  • October: E. EXCEL is Recognition

  • November: E. EXCEL is Sharing

  • December: E. EXCEL is Giving

Because, above all else, E. EXCEL is Better Health and a Richer Life! We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this year’s theme, and each month’s focus throughout 2019.

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