Welcome the Newest E. Excellers in Georgia! | 歡迎喬治亞地區剛剛加入我們的新丞燕人!

E. EXCEL is growing in Georgia! Thanks to the organization and persistence of Diamond Master Su Lew, Jade Master Nicole Huang, Diamond Master Cheng Wen Zheng, and Diamond Master Susan Chan, we have a brand new group of COEs!

These leaders traveled from New York to Georgia to host four meetings, each with a different group of people who were eager to learn about E. EXCEL and Nutritional Immunology. With outreach and support from leaders, we know that our new E. Excellers in Georgia are set up for success! We can’t wait to see what will grow in the American South thanks to the seeds that were planted by E. EXCEL leaders!

丞燕人的隊伍正在喬治亞地區發展壯大!經過鑽石經理Su Lew、翡翠經理Nicole Huang、鑽石經理Cheng Wen Zheng 和鑽石經理Susan Chan的不懈努力和組織安排,我們丞燕發展出了一個全新的COE團隊!


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