Highlights from New York's Oasis Event! | 紐約地區菁元·水系列試用活動亮點!

On March 12 in New York, friends, family, and Distributors gathered together to share E. EXCEL’s new Elemente Oasis skincare products! In addition to learning about E. EXCEL, attendees were greeted with practical demonstrations of our products as well.

Pearl Master Yaomei Liu demonstrated firsthand the benefits of Elemente Oasis, which is formulated with E. EXCEL’s proprietary Oxyginberry Complex as well as the rare, hydrating baobab tree. Yaomei said, “The greatest advantages of using these special formulations are that they are: hydrating, firming, brightening, and immediately beneficial!”  

To finish off the gathering, a few Distributors also shared business ideas. All in all, it was a fun representation of what E. Excellers can do when they’re together!


珍珠經理Yaomei Liu向大家展示了自己親身使用菁元·水系列產品後的效果。菁元·水系列中含有丞燕專利成分活氧精萃複合物,還含有極其珍稀的猢猻木保濕精華。在活動中,Yaomei跟大家分享了自己的體會,她說,「這些配方獨特的產品其最大的作用就是:補水、緊膚、亮色,而且立刻生效!」


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