Highlights from Vancouver’s Spring Potluck | 溫哥華春季聚餐活動亮點

Last week, Jade Master Ivy Wong’s group in Vancouver hosted a Spring Potluck for family and friends! During the event, over a dozen people came to visit, share their success stories together, and enjoy each other’s company.

During the 4 hour get-together, participants even tried E. EXCEL’s latest products, including Elemente Oasis and the delicious beverage toCARESS. Everyone in attendance loved the camaraderie and inviting spirit that follows E. Excellers, and were excited to spend a night surrounded by great products and amazing people.

上星期,溫哥華地區翡翠經理Ivy Wong的團隊組織了一次春季聚餐!在這次活動中,十幾位丞燕人和他們的親友歡聚在一起,交流成功經驗,共享美好時光。


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