Winners from New York's Vegecolor Contest | 紐約地區「多蔬彩」烹飪食譜競賽優勝者名單

Recently, a group of E. EXCEL Distributors decided to hold a recipe contest starring Vegecolor! Led by Diamond Master Su Lew’s group, 11 participants brought in their best recipe that features Vegecolor.

After holding a fabulous taste test, the top three winners were announced:

  • First place: Pearl Master Connie Yeung

  • Second place: Distributor Chunlin Cao

  • Third place: Pearl Master Song Hua Zheng

Congratulations to the winners! We’re excited to see the many ways Distributors are incorporating E. EXCEL’s products into their daily routines.

近期,一群丞燕經銷商決定要組織一場以「多蔬彩」為主題的食譜競賽!這次競賽由鑽石經理Su Lew的團隊發起,有11位參賽者帶來了他們創作的跟「多蔬彩」相關的食譜。


  • 一等獎:珍珠經理Connie Yeung

  • 二等獎:經銷商Chunlin Cao

  • 三等獎:珍珠經理Song Hua Zheng


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