Highlights from Our Recent Meeting in Vancouver! | 溫哥華近期聚會亮點!

We’d like to thank all of the people who came out to the recent meeting in Vancouver! All who were in attendance loved learning about E. EXCEL products and how they can fit into the daily routine from those who know the most about it.

During the evening meeting, Pearl Master Yeelin Ho did product demonstration/training on 1-Shape and our Elemente Oasis skincare line. The photos below show how much fun everyone had trying out the skincare products.

Pearl Master Shiu Towe Chen did a product demonstration on Vegiwash, showing off the benefits that every household can use. Thanks again to our faithful Distributors and for everyone who came out to this fun event!


在晚間的聚會上,珍珠經理Yeelin Ho現場演示並講解了我們的「1-形」產品和菁元·水系列產品。從下方這些照片中,您可看到現場的每位嘉賓都在開心地試用這些護膚品。

珍珠經理Shiu Towe也現場演示了丞燕「潔蔬液」的功效,讓大家看到這款產品可用於每一個家庭。再次感謝我們忠誠的經銷商朋友,也感謝每一位參加了這場有趣活動的朋友!

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