Big Things are Happening in Boston! 波士頓的重大喜訊!

We’re excited to recognize the hard work and dedication that’s been happening in Boston! This up-and-coming market held their first Spring Festival Gala on Sunday, February 24, planned by Hua Deng and her group.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed live performances, a health Q&A, raffle ticket drawing, dinner, and much more. The spirit of friendship at the event was so strong, we’re sure that all who came will remember this night for years to come. The most important things that were shared were the importance of friendship, taking care of our health, and above all, sharing the message with those we love!

The event was successful and much appreciated by friends from all walks of life. A special thanks goes to Jade Master Hanbing Hong, Diamond Master Mei Yu, and Diamond Master Zhuo Chen, who drove all the way from Toronto to Boston to support local Distributors!  

我們高興地表彰波士頓地區丞燕人為開拓當地新市場而做出的奉獻和努力!2019年2月24日(星期日),Hua Deng和她的團隊在波士頓地區首次嘗試舉辦了一場“春節聯歡話健康”活動。

這次活動給與會嘉賓帶來了一個美好的夜晚,大家對現場的表演、關於健康的對話、抽取獎券和晚宴等各個環節都大加讚賞,而通過活動所建立起的深厚友情更是溫暖著眾人的心。我們相信,在未來的很多年中,參加了這場活動的朋友都將記得這個難忘的夜晚 – 他們共享了珍貴的友誼、探討了養生的話題,更重要的是他們還將跟自己身邊的人們分享這所有的一切。

這次的活動舉辦得非常成功,受到了各方朋友的讚賞。在此,我們還要特別感謝翡翠經理Hanbing Hong、鑽石經理Mei Yu 和 鑽石經理Zhuo Chen,他們不辭辛苦,從多倫多長途驅車至波士頓,為當地經銷商送上了他們的鼓勵和支持。 

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