Highlights from 4 Recent Distributor Meetings! | 最近4次經銷商會議亮點!

Toronto’s Elemente Skincare Product Training | 多倫多地區菁元素護膚產品培訓

E. EXCEL Ambassador Jian hua Niu recently organized a training featuring Elemente skincare products! During the event, Diamond Master Lanlan Cao performed demonstrations for each of the products. After learning the benefits of so many Elemente products, attendees also got to see for themselves how well the products work. Thank you to everyone who came to experience E. EXCEL in person!

最近,丞燕大使牛建華女士組織了一場菁元素護膚產品的培訓會!在這次會議上,鑽石經理Lanlan Cao給大家展示了每種產品的使用方法。而與會的嘉賓在了解了各種菁元素產品的效益之後,還都能體驗一下自己使用這些產品的效果。謝謝親自來參加丞燕產品培訓會的每一位朋友!

Toronto’s Spring Potluck | 多倫多地區春季聚餐會

Thank you to everyone who came together recently in Toronto! Ambassador Ning Peng organized a spring potluck for E. Excellers, family, and friends! Not only did they gather together to share delicious food, they also learned about the science of Nutritional Immunology, and had a workout session. During the meeting, Distributors were able to share personal experiences with each other, which helped create a group atmosphere that was outstanding!


New York’s Elemente Skincare Product Training | 紐約地區菁元素護膚產品培訓

In New York, Diamond Master Su Lew organized a product training featuring Elemente Skincare products! In addition to trying and loving the new products from E. EXCEL, Distributors also registered for tickets to the July 14th event with Dr. Chen in New York. We’d like to thank everyone in attendance who made the training a success!

紐約地區的菁元素護膚品培訓會,由鑽石經理Su Lew主持!在會議中,經銷商除了試用非常喜愛的丞燕護膚新產品之外,還踴躍地報名索取7月14日陳昭妃博士紐約論壇的入場券。我們感謝每一位出席了這次會議的朋友,因為有您的參與,才讓這次的會議取得了如此的成功!

Vancouver’s Recent Distributor Meeting | 溫哥華地區經銷商近期會議

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting that was held this week in Vancouver, BC! Jade Master Irene Loo arranged the gathering, which focused on learning about E. EXCEL products and how everyone can benefit from the science of Nutritional Immunology. Additionally, Distributors are learning how the My EEXCEL mobile app to sign people up, place orders, and share information with their customers!

感謝本週參加了哥倫比亞·溫哥華地區聚會的每一位朋友!此次的會議由翡翠經理Irene Loo召集。在會議中,大家分享了丞燕產品的使用心得,總結了營養免疫學給大家帶來的效益。此外,經銷商們還學習了如何用 My EEXCEL app來簽新人、下訂單,以及如何跟客戶分享信息!

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