See What Susan Chan's Group is Up to This Week! | 紐約地區成功舉辦家庭聚會!


Thank you to everyone who attended the recent meeting in New York! Diamond Master Susan Chan’s group gathered to share a night of E. EXCEL products, training, and success stories! We love hearing stories of E. Excellers who take the time to build strong team experiences together. It’s encouraging to see E. Excellers in North America working together towards their Business Team Growth Incentive goals!

近期某晚,鑽石經理Susan Chan的團隊聚集在一起,他們一起學習丞燕產品並分享各自的成功經歷!對丞燕人攜手發展強大團隊這樣的活動,我們喜聞樂見。我們也感謝近期出席了紐約聚會的各位丞燕人!我們高興地看到,北美丞燕人正攜手合作,朝著拓展創業團隊的目標大步邁進!

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