Highlights from the Wings for Life World Run! | 生命之翼全球路跑活動亮點!

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The Wings for Life World Run is a truly unique and global race for both runners and wheelchair participants. Instead of a finish line, competitors race side by side to keep ahead of the virtual Catcher Car. The virtual Catcher Car takes off 30 minutes after the start at 14 km/h and steadily increases its speed until the last athletes have been caught. 100% of all donations and the entry fees go directly into spinal cord research projects.

On May 5, Pauly Plewa and #RunAgain771 logged kilometers together for #TeamCoast2Coast! E. EXCEL Distributors were there to help the cause and provide participants with much-needed refreshments.

Jade Master Sheron Yang wrote, “Our activities today were very successful, thanks to the strong support and sponsorship of E. EXCEL! Pauly Plewa’s story touched everyone who participated in the event. Everyone was talking about the miracle created by following the principles of Nutritional Immunology and the foods that Dr. Chen created. They expressed their hope to learn more about the products. Dr. Dong Liu explained the usefulness of the products and people stayed to hear what she had to say. Here are the photos and videos that we took.”

E. EXCEL would like to thank Sheron Yang and Doctor Dong Liu who attended the event and manned the booth! We would also like to thank Jade Master May Chen, Jade Ambassador Ning Peng, and Pearl Master Jing Shi, and other E. Excellers who are visiting China that participated remotely!

生命之翼全球路跑,是一個非常獨特的既包含了普通路跑者又包含了輪椅路跑者的全球性競賽。這項比賽並沒有終點,參賽者們是在虛擬終點“終結者號車”的追逐下並肩前行。在比賽開始的半小時之後,“終結者號車”從起點以每小時14公里的速度開出,然後逐漸加速超越每一位參賽者,直至最後一位運動員被超越,比賽即止。這項比賽收到的全部捐款和報名費都將100% 直接捐贈給脊髓研究項目。

5月5日,Pauly Plewa跟他的團隊#RunAgain771一起完成了數公里的#TeamCoast2Coast路跑!丞燕經銷商在現場為這場競賽提供幫助並給參賽者發送了丞燕產品樣品。

Sheron Yang寫道,“我們今天的活動非常成功,感謝丞燕的資助和大力支持!Pauly Plewa的事蹟感動了此次活動的每一位參與者,大家都在談論陳昭妃博士所研發的丞燕食品和她所倡導的營養免疫學帶來的奇蹟,並表示希望能更多地了解丞燕產品。Dr. Dong Liu籍此機會為大家介紹丞燕產品的用途,引來了人們紛紛駐足聆聽。這裡是我們拍攝的照片和視頻。”

在此,丞燕要特別感謝翡翠經理Sheron Yang和Dr. Dong Liu,感謝他們積極參與這次活動並專門設置了丞燕展台!

另外,我們還要感謝翡翠經理May Chen,翡翠大使彭寧和珍珠經理Jing Shi等各位在返回中國期間仍遠程參加這次活動的丞燕人!

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