E. Excellers Are Getting Ahead with Social Media and the App!  | 丞燕人在踴躍使用社交媒體和App!

With modern technology, it's easier than ever to share posts, introduce friends to E. EXCEL, and follow up with encouragement! That’s why we’re so happy that E. Excellers in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver have been embracing sharing E. EXCEL through social media and the My EEXCEL app!

Thank you to everyone who participated and sent us in their photos!

有了現代科技,丞燕人跟朋友分享帖子容易多了,向他人推介丞燕以及後續跟進和鼓勵時也容易多了!正因為如此,我們紐約、多倫多和溫哥華各地區的丞燕人才積極踴躍地通過社交媒體和My EEXCEL app來分享丞燕!


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