E. EXCEL Congratulates our 2019 1-Shape Challenge Winners!



This year, E. EXCEL extended the invitation to get in shape with 1-Shape to groups as well as individuals. As a result, over 100 exercising E. Excellers participated in E. EXCEL’s 2019 1-Shape Challenge! They encouraged each other and earned points over a two month period by adding members to their team and achieving their fitness goals. In the end, three lucky 1-Shape Challenge winners claimed terrific prizes!



1st Place - Shao Jun Jiang - Elmhurst, NY

第一名- Shao Jun Jiang - 紐約Elmhurst

Shao Jun Jiang earned the most points in our 2019 1-Shape Challenge! She won a box of Millennium Gold. She set worthy goals and accomplished them, and we are so very proud of her achievements! Congratulations to our 1st prize winner!

Shao Jun Jiang在2019年「1-形」挑戰賽中累積了最多的點數,她贏到了一盒「千禧金」!Shao Jun在競賽中為自己定下了適合自己的目標並最終實現了目標,我們為她的成績而驕傲!祝賀我們的一等獎贏家!

2nd Place - Lixian (Nicole) Huang - Flushing, NY

第二名- Lixian (Nicole) Huang-紐約法拉盛

Lixian (Nicole) Huang won a box of Millennium in our 2019 1-Shape Challenge!


“I am very grateful to E. EXCEL for holding the 1-shape competition every year, so that my family and I can develop good habits. 1-shape supports a healthy lifestyle. Thanks E.EXCEL, for helping me live a very healthy life!”

3rd Place - Sandy Yee - Vancouver, BC

第三名- Sandy Yee-英屬哥倫比亞溫哥華

As the 3rd Prize winner, Sandy Yee won two boxes of 1-Shape!

本次挑戰賽的第三名優勝者Sandy Yee贏到了兩盒「1-形」!

“I am honored to participate in the 1-shape competition. I took 1-shape every morning and night, which helped me feel healthier and more confident. Thank you E.EXCEL, for the 1-shape competition! I will be with E.EXCEL for a lifetime.”


Congratulations to our 2019 1-Shape Challenge winners! It was amazing to see these E. Excellers challenge each other to make healthy habits! E. EXCEL extends a huge thank you to everyone who participated!


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