Great Success at the 2019 E. EXCEL Growing Together Event in NYC!

E. Excellers had an INCREDIBLE time at the 2019 Growing Together event in New York City. One of the greatest highlights of the event was an exclusive LIVE! with Dr. Chen session held in the afternoon. Dr Chen spoke about a variety of Nutritional Immunology topics, as well as dispelled myths, which was very informative!

Another exciting announcement was the creation of E. EXCEL’s North America Working Council, or “Dream Team.” This amazing council shows we are listening and working with leaders to foster tremendous growth with E. EXCEL, and that all E. Excellers are working and growing together as never before!

We also saw in this event just how fun and exciting sharing Nutritional Immunology through social media can be! There were dynamic presentations and fun skits about how you can reach more people than you ever dreamed possible by sharing E. EXCEL through social media channels and conference calls!

Last but certainly not least, E. EXCEL debuted its newest product, SOUP DE EEXCEL, at this event! All E. Excellers were anxious to try this delicious soup, especially in combination with Vegecolor. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! We can’t wait to see what distributors can do with this new product!

We’re so thrilled to have the opportunity to gather together as an E. EXCEL family and celebrate better health and a richer life! Thank you for all those who attended, and we look forward to seeing you again!


另外,我們還發佈了一個振奮人心的决定,即建立我們的丞燕夢之隊 — 丞燕北美工作議事會。這個團隊的建立,說明我們將進一步傾聽領袖們的意見,加強與他們的合作,以此推動丞燕的成長,進而使丞燕人能攜手合作,獲得前所未有的成長!




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