Congratulations to Our Newest Pearl Master, Xiuyan Zhu!

恭賀我們的新珍珠經理Xiuyan Zhu!


Xiuyan Zhu is our latest E. Exceller to achieve the rank of Pearl Master! She is from Fresh Meadows, NY and is a member of Fu Jin Jiang, Liqin Wang, and Nicole Huang’s downline.

Xiuyan Zhu first discovered E. EXCEL through her good friend, Fu Jin Jiang. Xiuyan was always interested in achieving and maintaining good health. When Fu Jin introduced her to Nutritional Immunology, Xiuyan jumped at the chance to learn more. She joined E. EXCEL in December 2017 and started participating in weekly E. EXCEL meetings in New York.

Xiuyan soon developed a great passion for better health, and growing her E. EXCEL business. She joined her E. EXCEL friends on the 2018 EuroTour incentive trip to Spain last year. Through dedication and hard work, she happily won 2019’s Make Waves incentive trip to the Caribbean!

When asked about her experience with E. EXCEL, Xiuyan shared, “I am honored to join E. EXCEL. It is my pleasure to understand Nutritional Immunology and use E. EXCEL products. It is my glory to share Nutritional Immunology with everyone around me. Everyone needs a healthy lifestyle, and I am a messenger sharing health and N.I.” - Xiuyan Zhu

We are so proud of Xiuyan and wish her heartfelt congratulations on this fantastic achievement!

來自紐約Fresh Meadows的Xiuyan Zhu,是Fu Jin Jiang、Liqin Wang和Nicole Huang的下線,她最近晉升至了我們最新的珍珠經理!

一直以來,Xiuyan Zhu都十分注重強化身體,維護健康。所以在好友Fu Jin Jiang為她介紹了丞燕和營養免疫學之後,她抓住機會進行了更深入的學習。2017年12月Xiuyan加入了丞燕,從此她開始積極地參加紐約地區的每週聚會。

很快,追求更健康生活和拓展丞燕事業的願望極大地激發了Xiuyan的熱情。在這種熱情的驅動下,Xiuyan去年跟朋友一起奔赴西班牙,參加了丞燕2018 的歐洲旅行。而今年,由於她的不懈努力和奉獻,她又快樂地贏到了2019的逐浪之旅大獎,即將去加勒比海旅行了!

當我們問到牽手丞燕的體會時,Xiuyan說,“我非常榮幸能加入丞燕。能學會營養免疫學和使用丞燕產品,讓我十分開心;能跟我身邊的人們分享營養免疫學,是我的榮耀。每個人都應該健康地生活,而我,就是分享健康和營養免疫學的使者。” - Xiuyan Zhu


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