Inside Look at Pearl Master - Pit Hoong (Elaine) Chang

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Our new Pearl Master, Pit Hoong (Elaine) Chang, is a dedicated E. Exceller. She spends many hours at the E. EXCEL distribution center inviting people to learn more about Nutritional Immunology. Spending tireless hours working at a local casino, Elaine searched for a better opportunity. She found it with E. EXCEL.

We sat down with Elaine to hear the story of how she found E. EXCEL and how it helped her achieve better health and a richer life:

“I joined E. EXCEL in 1998 to support my friend, Irene Loo. Irene shared Nutritional Immunology with me. I agreed with the knowledge, but later I thought, “I’m still young, and my body is very healthy. I don’t need to take any health products.” Plus, it seemed like it would be too difficult to share E. EXCEL with others.

I left E. EXCEL in 1999, choosing to work a traditional job, and I continued to work hard.

One day, my doctor told me that my body was out of shape. I realized at the time that if I didn’t care about my health, in the end, all of my hard work would be in vain!

Irene shared Nutritional Immunology with me again. I was deeply touched. E. EXCEL’s products have nutrients people need. Nutrients needed by body cells are often ignored by people, so if I continued to ignore them, of course I would get sick!

In 2018, I joined the E. EXCEL family again. Better health is not the only thing that’s important to me, but I also want everyone to learn about E. EXCEL and Nutritional Immunology. I share it with people every day, and feel disappointed whenever someone refuses. I want to thank Dave and Irene, who inspired me with encouragement and guidance, even when I was feeling down. Now, every time I fall, I stand up again and keep moving forward.

I want to thank my amazing team: Bonnie, Angale, Winnie, Tony, Linda, Tiffany and Josephine. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey moving forward. Also, I want to thank the Vancouver team: Jenney, Sandy, Yina, Towe towe, Sarah, Sindy, and Teresa. I look forward to every week’s meeting. Thank you to every member of the company for helping me. E. EXCEL, I missed out on you once, but I will never miss out on you again!”

We are so proud of Elaine and all of her accomplishments! Thanks for being a terrific example of strength, determination, and passion for E. EXCEL!

我們的新珍珠經理Pit Hoong (Elaine) Chang是一位十分樂於奉獻的丞燕人。她投入了大量的時間帶人們去丞燕經銷商中心學習營養免疫學。相較於長時間地在賭場工作,她找到了一個更好的發展機會,那就是丞燕。


“1998年就加入了丞燕,當時只是想支持好朋友Irene Loo.


Irene 又再和我分享營養免疫學,深深誏我感動,丞燕的産品,就是細胞所需要的營養,往往都被人們所忽略,所以我才會生病了!

2018年我再一次加入E.EXCEL大家庭!我不但要把自己健康找回來,更要誏每個人都認識E.EXCEL,認識營養免疫學!每天都與人分享,每當有人拒絕時,我都會失望。要謝謝Dave 和Irene,在我失望的時候,不停的給予鼓勵和指導,誏我在跌倒了再站起來,再往前衝。

要感謝我的團隊,Bonnie,Angale,Winnie,Tony,Linda,Tiffany,Josephine。多謝有您們,陪我勇往直前。還要謝謝溫哥華團隊Jenney,Sandy,Yina,桃桃,Sarah,Sindy,Teresa。每個星期的會議是我所期待的。謝謝身邊幫助過我的人。更要感謝公司每一位成員,謝謝您們!E.Excel 我已經錯過您一次了!這次我絕不再錯過了!”


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