Congratulations to Our Newest Pearl Master, Mei Zhen Zheng!

恭賀新珍珠經理Mei Zhen Zheng!

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Mei Zhen Zheng is from Melville, NY. She first discovered Nutritional Immunology at the end of 2017, when Suk Lam (Julie) Chan shared E. EXCEL with her. At the time, Mei had been in the states for over twenty years, and owned a restaurant business. She noticed her health decline a little, and wanted to improve her lifestyle. When she found out about the science of Nutritional Immunology, she immediately developed a passion for it, and a passion to share it. Today, she shares Nutritional Immunology and E. EXCEL with everyone, including the patrons at her restaurant. She is never shy about sharing E. EXCEL, and works very hard to grow her E. EXCEL business. Thanks to her tremendous efforts, she earned passage on the 2019 Make Waves Incentive Cruise, and even took her daughter along on the adventure!

“It is my pleasure to be a part of E. EXCEL. I wanted to improve my health. At the end of 2017, Suk Lam (Julie) Chan shared E. EXCEL and the science of Nutritional Immunology with me. The best doctor in the world is your immune system, and E. EXCEL had the safe and healthy variety of products I was looking for. Nutritional Immunology has helped improve my health and the health of my family. I am happy to share Nutritional Immunology with people around me. E. EXCEL has brought me a richer life. I would like to thank Dr. Jau-Fei Chen for her work with Nutritional Immunology. She brought me the right health knowledge. I would also like to thank my upline, Susan Chan and Suk Lam (Julie) Chan for their help and support, and the leading partners of E. EXCEL in New York. It’s great to be part of this! Always E. EXCEL!” -Mei Zhen Zheng

We are so proud of Mei’s achievements and congratulate her on her new E. EXCEL Pearl Master rank!

2017年底,紐約Melville 的Mei Zhen Zheng在Suk Lam (Julie) Chan的推薦下結識了丞燕。當時,Mei在美國已生活了二十幾年,她經營著一家餐館。在工作中,她注意到自己的健康狀況在走下坡路,所以她希望能改變自己的生活的方式,在這樣的情形下,她結識了營養免疫學,並立刻對這門科學產生了興趣,也產生了分享這門科學的巨大熱情。如今,她在跟一切能接觸到的人分享丞燕和營養免疫學,這些人包括了來她餐廳的客人。為了分享丞燕,為了開拓自己的丞燕事業,她從不怯懦。經過積極的進取和努力,她不僅贏得了2019逐浪之旅大獎賽的遊輪行,她甚至還帶著女兒一起去旅行了!

“能成為丞燕的一員是我的榮幸,因為我想要讓自己健康起來。2017年底,Suk Lam (Julie) Chan給我推介了營養免疫學,讓我懂得了世上最好的醫生就是我們自己的免疫系統,而丞燕則能提供多種我所需要的安全而健康的產品。營養免疫學幫我和我的家人改善了健康,所以我非常樂於跟自己周圍的人們分享這門科學。另外,丞燕還讓我過上了富足的生活,這一切都要感謝陳昭妃博士在營養免疫學方面做出的貢獻,是她讓我們懂得了正確的健康知識;我也要感謝我的上線Susan Chan 和Suk Lam (Julie),還有紐約地區的各位丞燕領袖,她們都給了我極大的幫助和支持。能做丞燕的一員真是太棒了!” -Mei Zhen Zheng


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