Smashing Success at our E. EXCEL Movie Premieres!



This past week, E. EXCEL held exciting movie premieres in New York, BC and Toronto to celebrate new, educational Nutritional Immunology films just released on August 19th worldwide!

E. Excellers in BC added a potluck theme to their movie premiere, featuring delicious E. EXCEL products, such as Soup de EEXCEL. They packed the room with attendees and prominent E. Excellers spoke enthusiastically about each video. It was a thoroughly entertaining and educational experience for all!

In Toronto, E. EXCEL’s 2nd generation hosted their special movie premiere. They spoke about the benefits of Nutritional Immunology and brought out special guests - E. EXCEL’s Chief Operations Officer, Michael Gilbert and E. EXCEL’s CEO, Lynn Gilbert! With fun films, pushup contests, and even a surprise birthday cake for Michael, this celebration was certainly motivating for new and young E. Excellers!

In New York, TWO movie premieres were held, hosted by Diamond Master Su Lew and E. EXCEL Ambassador May Dong. Su’s group held a fun lucky draw at their movie premiere. Both groups brought their E. EXCEL families and friends, and everyone loved the videos! New York E. Excellers said they couldn’t wait to share these fantastic Nutritional Immunology videos with others. They all had a wonderful time!

Thank you to our awesome E. Excellers for celebrating these new videos. We are excited to hear about how they will help you share the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology with others! Do you have a story about how these Nutritional Immunology movies have helped you share E. EXCEL? Comment below!


在觀賞電影的同時,英屬哥倫比亞地區的丞燕人還組織了聚餐會,大家帶來的美食中都添加了丞燕產品的元素 - 比如用「丞燕E湯」調製的食物。擠滿了放映室的丞燕人都興致勃勃地談論著每一部影片,對他們來說,這次觀影是一次真正的寓教於樂的活動!

在多倫多地區,這場特別的影片首映式由第二代的丞燕人主持。丞燕人在聚會中熱烈地討論著營養免疫學的效益,期間,兩位特殊的客人-丞燕首席運營官Michael Gilbert和丞燕首席執行官Lynn Gilbert的到來給大家送上了一個驚喜。除了觀影外,丞燕人還舉辦了俯臥撑比賽,更值得一提的是有人還準備了一個生日蛋糕幫Michael慶生,這給大家送上了另一個驚喜。這麼豐富多彩的慶祝活動無疑極大地鼓舞了新加入的和年輕一代的丞燕人!

紐約地區兩場影片的首映式是由鑽石經理Su Lew和丞燕大使MayDong分別主持的。Su的團隊除了觀影之外,還進行了幸運抽獎。兩個團隊的丞燕人都攜親帶友,他們很高興能出席這次的活動,也非常喜歡這些影片!紐約的丞燕人說,他們已迫不及待地想要跟人們分享這些推介營養免疫學的精彩影片了。


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