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Always Discovering

One of the most exciting things about being a part of E. EXCEL is we are always pushing the boundaries of discovery. Thanks to the revolutionary science of Nutritional Immunology refined by our founder Dr. Jau-Fei Chen, the possibilities for better health and a richer life burst wide open. By focusing on a strengthened immune system, Dr. Chen soon discovered that physical illnesses could be fought off long before they even occur. And now, everyone can experience the tremendous benefits of a healthier lifestyle. 

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E. EXCEL’s Elemente Beauty line welcomes Essence of the Sea

EXCEL’s commitment to excellence means welcoming new, innovative offerings to our selection of products. We’re proud to introduce our latest addition to the Elemente Beauty Products line, Essence of the Sea Facial Lotion and Essence of the Sea Facial Mask. Both of these luxurious products combine E. EXCEL’s exclusive Oxyginberry® Complex with high levels of seaweed and marine algae extracts to refresh and moisturize your skin.

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