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E. Excellers can create their own destiny, says E. EXCEL founder

Inspiring E. Excellers to become successful in all aspects of their lives was the focus of E. EXCEL founder Dr. Jau-Fei Chen’s keynote presentation during the company’s annual conference held in Toronto, ON. “You can be successful,” she declared to the hundreds of E. EXCEL Distributors in attendance. “And that success will change your life.” 

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Dr. Chen’s presentation, E. Exceller stories inspire belief and action

Diamond Master Cheng Wen Zheng from New York brought 10 downline members to the 2016 My Choice, My Future conference in Toronto, ON, held Oct. 30. “They watched and listened and took it all in,” she said. “Every presenter had a unique story and shared in a different way, but each one touched us. My Downline left the conference inspired to take action and be more active in their E. EXCEL businesses. We were all motivated by what we saw and heard.” 

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