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Always Wild This Summer

Have you received your 2018 commemorative E. EXCEL mugs through the Wild and Crazy Summer Contest yet? It’s the easiest prize to win, and we’d love to be able to give a set away to every E. Exceller in North America! It only takes 15 points to win the mugs, and when you win this prize, you can still go on to claim another wild prize! That in and of itself is wild!

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On a Mission Supporting Health is on a mission, a mission to save lives. Did you know that AIDS is the leading cause of death among women worldwide? Every two minutes a teenager somewhere in the world is infected with HIV, but it is preventable. Four hundred babies a day are born with HIV. However, AIDS no longer has to be a death sentence. One 20-cent pill a day can stop mothers from passing the virus to their babies. This is the mission of

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