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Go ALL IN with 1-SHAPE to help boost your chances of winning!

Many people resolve to lose weight each January, and they look for a plan that’s easy to follow and shows results. E. EXCEL’s 1-SHAPE and 1-SHAPE™ Lite provide just that plan. Sponsoring new Club of Excellence (COE) members earns you Share Points in the ALL IN contest. Put these facts together, and you’ve got a plan for the New Year!

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Your healthy New Year’s resolutions are in good hands with E. EXCEL and 1-SHAPE!

It’s barely a week into the New Year, and many people are already struggling with their resolutions! According to Statistic Brain Research Institution, the number one resolution last year was lose weight, and number five was staying fit and healthy. Unfortunately, the percentage of people who successfully achieve their resolutions is only 8%! If your New Year’s resolution is similar to the number one resolution, or even number five, E. EXCEL can help you be in that 8% of achievers!

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