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The Significance of Fathers

As you probably know, the month of June at E. EXCEL is all about families, what with our Family Days going on in Vancouver, Toronto, and New York. But with June 17thjust around the corner, we really can’t talk about families without mentioning one of the founders of every family—fathers! June 17 is Father’s Day, a day to celebrate the contributions fathers make to family life.

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One family’s amazing transformation with E. EXCEL and 1-SHAPE!

E. EXCEL helps so many people live healthier, richer lives and our 2015 1-SHAPE Challenge winners are no exception. A year after the challenge, they’re still using 1-SHAPE and keeping the weight off. Some of them are still losing weight! One family in particular experienced an amazing, life-changing transformation, and today they’re enjoying better health and a richer life because they made the right choice with E. EXCEL and 1-SHAPE!

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