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Jade Ambassador Lucy Lu beautifies from the inside out

I’ve been a beautician for over ten years, but even I struggled with improving my skin. I tried lots of name brand products, but none of them helped. When the seasons change I struggle with allergies making me itchy and the heater or airconditioner drying out my skin. I’m usually dehydrated due to a combination of these things which led to dry skin, spots, and wrinkles.

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Jade Master May Dong maintains her complexion with her Elemente beauty routine

Working as a beautician taught me that every girl wants a beautiful face – I am no exception. I
worried often about my oily T-zone that clogged my pores causing pimples and blackheads. My problem was especially apparent on my nose when I used cream foundations. I tried everything from salon treatments every two weeks, pore strips, and scrubbing, but nothing helped.

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