The E. EXCEL Business


Today, E. EXCEL is well on its way to accomplishing Dr. Chen’s noble goal of a world without disease and we are grateful for the Distributors who are making her dream a reality. Although it is vitally important to this mission, being an E. EXCEL Distributor means more than sharing Nutritional Immunology with others. Distributors share financially in the success of fulfilling Dr. Chen’s dreams, build life-long friendships, and provide for their families because they are rewarded with E. EXCEL’s unbeatable Compensation Plan. 

The success E. EXCEL enjoys is the shared success of our Distributors. Distributors experience fulfilling careers in which they help others and achieve greater personal growth. They are also rewarded in addition to financial compensation. A combination of fabulous vacations spanning the globe, numerous other prizes and gifts, recognition and awards ceremonies throughout the US and Canada, features in E. EXCEL’s publication, Excelling Magazine, and the lifestyle our Distributors enjoy ensures they understand how much we appreciate them!

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